Yoga Love

I do love yoga. It is complex and simple. It is challenging both physically and mentally. Yoga is one of the ways I live daringly, because it always makes me push against my comfort zone.

I haven’t gone to an organized class in a long time. I finally broke that trend this weekend … twice!

Awhile back I learned about Saturday yoga in Ybor. It is an outdoor, community yoga class offered by Yoga Loft. I love this class because it is outside, in the courtyard of the Ybor City Museum, which offers a unique and lovely ambience.

Roosters grace your presence in this courtyard, and you definitely know they are there! Their crowing will certainly test your relaxation during Shavasana. Yet their timing couldn’t be more appropriate. They are such a lovely reminder of mindfulness where ever you are and whatever the circumstances.

Sometimes they’ll bring their family through the class, strutting proudly. Mom and dad help the chicks to find the choicest morsels.


Representative photo of the Ybor chickens. They are quite lovely…

Usually a fountain runs, lending the atmosphere splashy, tinkly music. It was dry this weekend though…


That’s me in the blue tank top with the beige head scarf!
(Photo from the Yoga Loft Facebook page.)

Of course, the people also make it worth while. Just seeing other people either struggling with poses, or fluidly going into a pose, is inspiring. Mostly you are supposed to worry about yourself and your own breath when practicing yoga, yet I still find myself looking around and admiring the others who are gaining peace of mind and body practicing yoga with me.

So this weekend, I practiced yoga both Saturday and Monday. I was definitely sore from the Saturday practice, but I’m really glad I went on Monday too. My body feels better. Sore, but better…

And I know the yoga practice contributed to my feelings of connectedness over the weekend.

My Saturday teaching certification classes are pretty much over now, so I can renew my dedication to practicing yoga regularly. I’m very grateful this class exists and that the instructors at Yoga Loft keep putting it on.


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