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At the “I love you” wall in Paris.
July 2014

Hi! I’m Christy.

Welcome to my blog about living daringly!

About the blog:

What is living daringly? It’s an extension of the ideas Brené Brown wrote about in her book, Daring Greatly. Living daringly involves being honest and vulnerable. It involves being your true self as much as possible. It involves taking risks and venturing outside your comfort zone. Of course, it also involves fun and friends. It involves building yourself and others up instead of tearing them down. It involves empathy and compassion. It involves appreciating the big and the little things in life.

I want to share how I live daringly day-to-day (or at least make the effort to do so). I want to share my story and my adventures down this new path I’ve chosen. I hope to inspire you to share your stories about how you live daringly. Why? Because life is more fulfilling when we share and live authentic lives.

Living daringly isn’t always easy. A lot of times it is full of fear and doubt. But once those things have been confronted, it is full of triumph. And happiness. And connection. Ultimately it is full of love.

About me:

In 2009 I separated from my (now ex-) husband and began making changes in how I live. These changes encompass some of the ways I began living daringly. Living daringly allowed me to survive my unwanted divorce, and to ultimately forgive and let go. Living daringly has also allowed me to transition from surviving to thriving after that difficult period of my life. It has allowed me to thrive during other difficult events that have occurred since then.

Changing my life to one where I am living daringly has allowed me to become happier, healthier, and to live a more honest and authentic life full of vulnerability and connection. It’s allowing me to become more fully myself…

Some of the ways I’m currently living daringly:

I’m teaching high school biology.
I earned a doctorate in biology.
I’m active in my union.
I travel. (Thus far to 8-ish countries and a goodly number of U.S. states.)
I play guitar and ukulele.
I write poetry.
I paint.
I make jewelry and crafts.
I create mosaics.
I sew.
I journal.
I jog.
I am a registered yoga teacher (200 hours).
I practice meditation.
And I blog! 🙂

I hope you enjoy my blog.


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